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Petra Marklund & ‘Inferno’

WHOAH. Second post! You might see from the title that this doesn’t really have anything to do with shipping (well…not visibly!) but hey, I’ve been wanting to writhe this review since whenever!

For those who don’t know who Petra Marklund is, she is a Swedish pop star who sang songs such as ‘Cry for You’ and ‘Satellites’ under the alias September. She also released the beyond incredible dance-pop album ‘Love CPR’ which I will do a post on soon…but anyway, after two decades she quit dance-pop altogether and released the pop-bordering-on-alternative album ‘Inferno’.

I was such a fan of September that I was actually saddened to see that she left what she was best at – but I think I’ve figured out the real reason: she didn’t want to disappoint her fans by releasing a dance album that just wasn’t as good as Love CPR. (You can’t do any better than that).

Inferno, anyway, is plain FASCINATING!! While seeming slow, boring and annoying at first, I found that, in the context of the life of a ferry enthusiast, the album and style made perfect sense. (Not that Petra is a ferry enthusiast, I don’t think!)

My favourite tracks:

Förlorad Värld – now this is just amazing. A Coldplay-style stunner, I can seriously not imagine a more perfect track to use in a video of memories if Bruce Peter’s ‘Gang’* ever came to Australia. Wishful thinking…

Vad Som Helst – the WIN-WIN! Lyrically corresponding to my 2012 so well (and ALSO having amazing production) is yet another one I could imagine perfectly in a video. With a touch of Emeli Sande!

Sanningen – more amazing than it seems at first! With both the Wow factor and the ‘Man, this song was just MADE to be the theme song of HHV Ferry Blog!’ feeling, this song will stick in your head for a very long time. A wonderful tribute to The Truth!

Now for my least favourites:

Easy Come, Easy Go – while Inferno on the whole might not be slow and boring, this IS! In fact, it is a contender for worst song ever (in my opinion anyway). In fact it’s barely a song, instead it’s just Petra losing touch with everything…and everything that made her special, whatever the moniker.

Svarta Moln – now this IS really the black cloud on the album. ANNOYING! Not to mention way too dark and sad, with a melody that is way too simple and sounds like a racket. Thank goodness it’s the last song on the album!

Now for the rest, in no particular order:
Händerna mot Himlen – great song that stay with you and is actually happy, Krig – was once a favourite, and very relaxing and peaceful (never mind the title!), Aska I Vinden – great song, great drums and melody, Kom Tillbaks – is one of the best for the first five listens but becomes one of the most boring – but it takes me straight to Santander, Nummer!- takes me straight to Bari (for no particular reason) and nearly made it in to my favourites, Fred – Scandipop couldn’t be more right in saying that this is a grower. When I first listened to the preview, I thought ‘UGH! Bad! Why is this one of the more popular songs’, but I rather like it now.

There. The gang is made up of Bruce, Ann Haynes, Søren Lund Hviid Matthew Murtland and Richard Seville (the main people, anyway!)